I have to say James is one of the most kind hearted people I have ever met. James put me at ease instantly, he was so extremely obliging, understanding and has the patience of a saint. He discussed my personal issues with my hearing loss and took time with me without me feeling rushed or stressed and going over things again where necessary. I felt I could ask any questions without hesitation, and he was so very considerate. If anyone needs help with their hearing loss I cannot recommend James enough. The aftercare is out of this world. I can thoroughly recommend a million percent. Thank you for everything, especially the fantastic aftercare.

Mrs Sarah Dandy

I first noticed a decline in my hearing 6 years ago when, particularly at work in meetings, I would struggle to keep up with what was said. Friends also commented about how loud I had my TV and quite often I didn’t hear the telephone ringing. I hated the thought of having something visible stuck to my ear and James introduced me to the in ear aids which I was previously unaware existed. I have been really impressed with my new Titanium aids. They are small, comfortable & the sound quality is great!. The service offered by audiologist, James, has been great! He is very helpful, friendly and jovial

David Waite

Being a hearing aid user for many years I was thrilled at 80 years of age to find someone who has helped to improve my hearing significantly. Jim has such a caring and patient manner that I have found it very easy to have confidence in him.

Peter K. Slater

I’ve worn hearing aids for many years now. They really have changed my life tremendously. Without them, I found I struggled on a daily basis, especially with group conversations. For example, in the pub I would just be faced with a wall of noise & found myself missing out on the conversation or constantly asking people to repeat themselves. I also use my ComPilot everyday. I use it to listen to the TV, whilst I’m on the phone & even connect my laptop to it.

James goes above and beyond to help; nothing is too much trouble and I’d recommend to anyone, without hesitation! He provides an excellent service & even comes to me, so I don’t need to worry about travelling! I see him at least once a year, and I always know he’s just a phone call away If I need him. Not only that, he’s very competitively priced and the service you receive is priceless!!

Ian Greenwood

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