Roger Select

Phonak Roger: Boost your hearing in background noise and over distance

Whilst modern hearing instruments greatly improve hearing and understanding in most situations, often at distance to overcome background noise hearing aids alone are simply not enough. This is why at Pure Hearing we are pleased to offer the Roger portfolio. Phonak Roger products can provide the boost you need to optimise your hearing aids performance and help you feel connected. Whether on the phone, watching TV, listening over distance or in a noisy environment, we can offer a solution to fit your needs.

Compatible with almost any hearing aid, cochlear implant or bone anchored hearing aids Roger Products wirelessly transmit a speakers voice directly to the hearing aid user. They offer a staggering breakthrough in signal-to-noise ratio and guarantee access to new levels of speech understanding.

Roger trainer; helping you to use Roger

James Kirkpatrick has been providing Roger training for a number of years and has given in excess of 200 training sessions. James understands Roger equipment inside out, he can advise on where it works best as well as on which piece of equipment is most appropriate for a certain situation.

Roger training can be provided in a commercial setting enabling businesses to use this specialised equipment in the work place for meetings, use on the PC and multi-media devices, mobile and landline telephones.

What’s more if you are a hearing aid wearer and believe you could benefit from Roger technology to improve your hearing in noise and over distance in domestic and/or social situations, James will not only provide you with the most appropriate product/s but will also work with you on a one-to-one basis, free of charge, to ensure you are completely comfortable with the products you purchase. This tried and tested service has proven invaluable for many of Pure Hearing’s clients whom now benefit from and understand the true value of Roger Products in their hearing journey.

James is extremely proud to offer this service and has received high praise for his ability to put clients at ease and work at their pace so that they feel both confident and positive about the equipment.

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Roger Pen

The Roger Pen is a handy microphone that can be used in various listening situations. The microphone will zoom in on a speakers voice whether worn by or pointed at the speaker or placed in the middle of a group of people. It can also connect to your multimedia devices such as TV and laptops. Furthermore using Bluetooth functionality you can also answer and stream phone calls hands free directly to the hearing aids.

Roger Pen

Roger Select

Placed in the middle of a table the uniquely designed Roger Select allows you to hear the conversation around you by automatically switching from one talker to another. When multiple conversations take place you can take control by selecting which way the microphone points with just a simple click. Additionally you can also connect to multimedia devices and what’s more using in-built Bluetooth functionality you can answer and stream phone calls hands free.

Roger Select

Roger Clip-On Mic

This small, lightweight mini microphone is ideal for one-on-one conversations in work or social situations. The microphone can adapt automatically to ensure speech in noisy environments is clearly understood. It also includes audio input for listening to multimedia devices.

Roger Clip on Mic

Roger Table Mic ll

A microphone dedicated for working adults who participate in meetings. It selects the person who is talking and switches automatically between the meeting participants. Multiple devices can be hooked up in a network for larger meetings. It is easy to operate with a simple push-button or remote control. It can also transmit the sound of multimedia devices to your hearing aids.

Roger Table Mic 2

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