No long waiting times for days or weeks

Specialist ear care services and quick and effective earwax removal through microsuction, irrigation (traditional syringing) and manual removal. Qualified and trained to the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists Clinical Ear Care standards. Also adhering to the General Medical Council standards known as SEQOHS. Wax removal is undertaken using the latest state of the art equipment.

Appointments can typically be reserved within several days, if not sooner.

Appointment can be made online through or 01756 796651 during office hours.

Book your appointment today and collect a free bottle of Earol olive oil spray from the practice surgery reception.


  • £40 for one ear
  • £60 for two

Wax removal carried out by HCPC registered practitioner James Kirkpatrick BSc (hons), MSHAA, RHAD


Microsuction employs a small suction tube to gently remove wax from the ear canal. A microscope is also used to target where the wax has built up. Generally considered free from discomfort and similar to irrigation (syringing) we usually ask patients to use clinical grade olive oil spray, such as Earol, for several days beforehand.


Using a small nozzle to insert a carefully controlled fl ow of warm water in to the patient’s ear and fl ush out excessive wax. We usually ask that patients use clinical grade olive oil spray (Earol) several days beforehand to soften the wax.

Manual Removal

Specialist ear forceps, probe and lighted curettes have their part to play with all methods. In the right hands this is occasionally the only method required.