Phonak Audeo Marvel Rechargeable sound system

Hearing aids are incredible pieces of microengineering.

At Pure Hearing we are committed to make sure our clients are relaxed, comfortable and fully involved in their hearing care; you’re in safe hands with audiologist and business owner, James Kirkpatrick.

There are lots of different hearing aids, from different manufacturers, which all offer something a bit different. The optimal hearing aid for you will depend on factors including:

  • Your ear’s anatomy
  • The nature of your hearing loss
  • Your lifestyle
  • A budget that suits you

Pure Hearing provides the very best hearing aids at competitive prices, including discreet, near invisible solutions.

There are three main types of hearing aids:

  • ITE
    In the Ear

    These hearing aids are tiny devices which sit inside your ear. They are made by taking an impression of your ear, so are custom made especially for your ear.

  • RIC
    Receiver in the Canal

    RIC Audeo M 312

    RIC hearing aids are a fantastic, convenient solution. Though they sit behind the ear, they are very discreet and often go unnoticed.

  • BTE
    Behind the Ear

    BTE Bolero B M

    BTEs are, generally speaking, larger than RIC hearing aids and sit behind the ear. They are good, being larger, for individuals with dexterity problems and those with moderate to profound hearing losses.

When choosing a hearing aid, and in turn a hearing care provider, it’s important to understand how a hearing aid works and what you can expect from it.

Hearing aid technology is extremely complex; requiring precision fine-tuning by a hearing care professional. For example the quality of sound modern hearing aids produce is fantastically natural, but you must also consider that there are some sounds which may not have been audible before amplification- for example, high pitched sounds, so these may take getting used to! Your Audiologist can adjust your hearing aids in line with your feedback in the weeks or months it takes for your brain to adapt to your new world of sound – until you are completely happy.

This is where Pure Hearing is different from many of our competitors. We commit to investing time in our clients and providing outstanding ongoing support. Pure Hearing are omnipresent in your hearing aid journey. Success with a hearing aid, is so much more than just the hearing aid.

Hearing aids are filled with all sorts of exciting technology, including:

  • Streaming phone calls direct from your mobile phone into your hearing aid
  • Reliable rechargeable technology so there’s no fiddly, costly batteries
  • Streaming the television directly to your hearing aids
  • Robust, titanium hearing aids
  • Automatic changing of programmes suited to your environment
  • Direct streaming of sound from your favourite apps, including Google Maps, Apple Music, Audible, Alexa devices and much more

It is also important to understand that hearing aids may only form part of the solution. For some people with more profound hearing losses or perhaps those at work or in noisy, busy environments Assistive Listening Devices can also be used. We believe the most superior technology of this nature is Phonak Roger. There are all sorts of devices to help you hear the television, use the phone, hear in group settings and much more.

Click here to find out more about Roger.